Hong Kong PHAB Association

HK PHAB Association Monthly Donation Plan

Your every cent matters to us!

Your monthly commitments ensure there is a ready and reliable stream of funding available to support the long-term planning and development of projects for persons with disabilities while allowing PHAB to reduce fundraising costs.

How Your Donations Help Persons with Disabilities?

  • To provide professional consultation services and daily support for persons with disabilities
  • Physiotherapy services for rehabilitation and reduce the chances of physical deterioration
  • To change the quality of life of persons with disabilities
  • To educate and provide support for the carers
  • To help persons with disabilities to enhance self-confidence and rebuild social support network 

Our Commitment to You:

  • To ensure that every cent is well accounted for, we are committed to use your donation responsibly by minimizing administrative and fundraising cost.
  • To be transparent to the public, PHAB will present the income and the expenditure of donation on website and annual report.

Please click the following links for details : 

  1. Monthly Donation Form
  2. Monthly Donation Form(PDF)
  3. "I want my kid to be a Little Friend of PHAB " - DONATION FORM