Supported Employment Service Centre

Supported Employment Service Centre

Supported Employment Service Centre

Service Information

Aims and Objectives 

  • Hong Kong PHAB Association Supported Employment Service Centre was established in 1995. We aim at providing employment arrangement, job-matching and follow-up services for disabled persons. For example, we offer skills training and job-related counselling, so as to enhance the disabled persons’ employment opportunities and build their confidence. It is hoped that they could be employed or self-employed in general circumstances. 

Our Services

  1. Services offered to disabled persons 
  • Ability assessment and on-job assessment 
  • Pre-employment and on-job training
  • Employment arrangement, job-matching and follow-up services 
  • Job-oriented services, i.e. to help the participants adapt to the workplace
  • Supporting services, i.e. to tackle with any job-related difficulties 

Our target group

  • Hong Kong residents 
  • People with disabilities who aged 15 or above (Sunnyway Porgramme aims to serve people who aged 15 -29)
  • Assessed to be capable of or likely capable of open employment if provided with special support programme
  • Having motivation to take up open employment; and
  • Having adequate self-care and daily living skills

Services Application 

  • Referrals can be made by:
    •  The Social Welfare Department’s Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services
    • Any sub-centres of Hong Kong PHAB Association 
    • Social workers, medical social workers, doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists 
  • Self-application, i.e. Applicants can get the application form from our centre or download the application form and send it to Room 104-105, Shing Tsui House, Wan Tsui Estate, Chai Wan, Hong Kong 

(If your application is rejected, we will explain the reasons to you. If applicable, we will consider making referral for you.) 

2. Services for employers

  • Job-related training for disabled employees before and during the job attachment 
  • Assisting the employers to cope with any technical or financial difficulties in modifying the company’s facilities due to employing disabled persons 
  • Employment counselling for disabled staffs 
  • Enhancing the relationship among the employer, the supervisor and the disabled staff
  • Helping the disabled staff to cope with issues of adapting to their work  
  • Assisting in the application of the Financial Incentive Scheme for Mentors of Employees with Disabilities 

Job trial 

  • During the job trial period, the employers who have joined SE, OJT or Sunnyway Programme will receive a wage subsidy equal to 50% of the actual wage paid to the participants with a ceiling of $4,000 a month, whichever is the lower, for a maximum period of six months. 

Post-placement service

  • No less than 12 months of post-placement service is provided to the participants to help them settle in employment.

If you wish to employ disabled persons, please download the application form here. 

After filling out the form, please send it to our centre by email/ fax/ post.

Youth Employment and Training Programme  (YETP)

Furthermore, we offer Youth Employment and Training Programme  (YETP) for young school leavers who aged 15-24. Employment training and counselling will be provided. For further details, please refer to our YETP sub-page. 

Youth Employment and Training Programme  (YETP)

Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) provides a comprehensive platform of job search with one-stop and diversified pre-employment and on-the-job training for the youth. This programme enables young people to better understand themselves and their work aptitudes while enriching their job skills and experience, so as to enhance their employability.

Generally, the services are classified into 5 aspects:

  1. Case management 
  • The trainees are provided with personalised career guidance, job search assistance, training and post‐employment support by professional social workers in the form of 12 months’ case management services.

2. Pre-employment Training 

  • The trainees are provided trainings for developing diverse skills which are practical and matching the needs of the job market. As a result, this could enrich the participants’ basic knowledge and skills of the industry, as well as grabbing the most updated information of the industry. 

3. Workplace Attachment 

  • According to the ability of the trainees, related workplace attachment opportunities are offered. Trainees are eligible for WPA training allowance of $7,300 provided that they complete the training with an attendance rate of 80% or above.

For some positions, trainees might get employed if they have an outstanding performance during the workplace attachment. 

4. On-the-Job Training 

  • Trainees are possibly engaged as employees under on-the-job training of 6 to 12 months with salary. In this way, they are facilitated in gaining working experiences and strengthening their occupational skills, so as to enriching their experiences and employability.

 5. Post-employment support 

  • Assisting the newly employed trainees in adapting the work, including dealing with issues associated with the relationship between the trainees and their colleagues, the communication between the trainees and the employers, and the trainees’ working attitude.  

Our target group:

  • Aged 15-24 
  • Young school leavers with educational attainment at sub-degree level or below 
  • Holders of Hong Kong permanent identity cards and could be legally employed in Hong Kong 

Applicants can get the application form from our centre or download the application form and send it to Room 317, 3/F, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

For further details of the programme, please browse the YETP website https://www.yes.labour.gov.hk/Home, or please feel free to contact us. 

Tel: 36891613

Email: yetp@hkphab.org.hk

If you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact our staff. 

What's New

Contact information

Tel: 2551 4226

Email: ses@hkphab.org.hk

Fax: 2875 0209

Address: Room 104-105, Shing Tsui House, Wan Tsui Estate, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Youth Employment and Training Programme  (YETP)

Tel: (852) 3689 1613
Fax: (852) 3011 5752

Email:  yetp@hkphab.org.hk

Address: Room 317, 3/F, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Office Hours

In view of our employment training and the needs of job attachment, we have renewed our opening hours. Since 1st May 2019, our services have been divided into two main parts, i.e. centre services and outreaching services. 

Regarding the centre services, we will provide counselling, group activities and training programme in our centre. As for the outreaching services, we will provide job attachment, trade-fair selling training and parenting activities etc. 

The most updated service hours: 

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30 pm (Lunch hour: 12:30pm – 1:30 pm)
Saturday Outreaching services: Depending on job attachment, training and activity time (our centre will be closed)
Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays