Hong Kong PHAB Association

Appeal for Donation

HKPHAB is a non-governmental organization, part of the funding by the government. Other income and donations from the fund-raising activities to raise good length.

Practice for the disabled and elderly into the ideal society, we need your support. Your donation can create a better world for disabled and older friends.

Donation Instructions

  • By sending crossed cheque/bank drafts (payable to Hong Kong PHAB Association), together with the donation form/donor's name and postal address to us.
  • By depositing to the Association's account with the Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation in Hong Kong (Account No. 111-058004-002) and send/fax the bank-in receipt together with the donation form/donor's name and postal address to us.
  • By deducting from the credit card account stated in the donation form.

HK PHAB Association Monthly Donation Plan

Your every cent matters to us!

Your monthly commitments ensure there is a ready and reliable stream of funding available to support the long-term planning and development of projects for persons with disabilities while allowing PHAB to reduce fundraising costs.

How Your Donations Help Persons with Disabilities?

  • To provide professional consultation services and daily support for persons with disabilities
  • Physiotherapy services for rehabilitation and reduce the chances of physical deterioration
  • To change the quality of life of persons with disabilities
  • To educate and provide support for the carers
  • To help persons with disabilities to enhance self-confidence and rebuild social support network 

Our Commitment to You:

  • To ensure that every cent is well accounted for, we are committed to use your donation responsibly by minimizing administrative and fundraising cost.
  • To be transparent to the public, PHAB will present the income and the expenditure of donation on website and annual report.

Please click the following links for details : 

  2. "I want my kid to be a Little Friend of PHAB " - DONATION FORM

PHAB Raffle Ticket Sale 2018/19

Association objective :

To promote the PHAB integration concept which is to enable persons with or without disabilities of all ages to participate in all kinds of social, recreational, developmental, educational, training, employment and community support service for better cooperation and integration in a barrier-free environment.

Fund raising objective : The fund raised will be used for supporting the Association’s services for persons with disabilities

Selling period : 6 October 2018 – 29 November 2018

Ticket price : HK$20

Prize :

1st prize Business class round trip air ticket to any destination for 2 persons worth HK$205,360
              (Donated by Hong Kong Airlines Limited)

2nd prize Economy class round trip air ticket to any destination for 2 persons worth HK$48,860
              (Donated by Hong Kong Airlines Limited)

3rd prize One set of OTO i-zone LUXE massage chair worth HK$19,800
              (Donated by Tempus Holdings Limited)

4th prize Department store shopping vouchers worth HK$10,000
              (Donated by Dr. Maggie M.K. Koong, BBS, JP)

5th prize Electrical appliances and audio/visual equipment vouchers worth HK$4,000
              (Donated by Tai Tsuen Enterprises Limited)

Plus 15 Consolation prizes

Selling venues :

s   Service units of Hong Kong PHAB Association

s   Chinese Methodist Church (11-12 October 2018)

s   Pavement outside Chai Wan MTR Station Exit B (13-14 October 2018)

s   Pavement outside Aberdeen Centre (20-21 October 2018)

s   Prince Edward MTR Station (27-28 October 2018)

s   Tai Po Mega Mall (27-28 October 2018)

s   Lam Tin MTR Station (3-4 November 2018)

s   Cityplaza (3-4 November 2018)

s   Covered Walkway west of A2 exit to Tai Po Market MTR Station (10-11 November 2018)

s   Chaiwan MTR Station (17-18 November 2017)

s   Pavement outside Smithfield Municipal Services Building (24-25 November 2018)

s  Amoy Plaza (24-25 November 2018)

Date of draw : 30 November 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

Announcement of result :

Results will be published on 6 December 2018 in The Standard, Sing Tao Daily and the Association’s website (http://www.hkphab.org.hk)

Lottery Licence no. : 4656

Enquiry : For enquiries, please call 2551 4161

PHAB Walk for Integration - 傷健共融日 (Chinese version only)




1. 籌募善款以推行各項為殘疾人士、長者及青少年提供的服務

2. 增加公眾對「傷健融合」概念的認識

活動內容 - 步行籌款




起步禮地點:烏溪沙青年新村大禮堂 (新界馬鞍山鞍駿街2號)

步行路線:全長3.5公里 (步行約1小時)


  •  恆明街對出馬鞍山海濱長廊折返
  •  馬鞍山體育館對出廣場


1. 參加者須於2018年1月21日或之前邀請親友贊助,並將贊助表格連同贊助款項,交回協會總辦事處或轄下各服務單位。

2. 18歲以下的參加者須獲家長/監護人同意。

3. 當交回參加表格後,每一名參加者將獲發標貼/名牌乙張及嘉年華會遊戲券乙套。參加者須於步行當日將標貼/名牌貼在外衣上,以作識認。



1. 直接存入本會銀行戶口(匯豐銀行111-058004-002),將入數紙連同本表格交回本會總辦事處或轄下任何一個服務單位(親身、郵寄、傳真或電郵)

2. 以劃線支票(抬頭:香港傷健協會)連同本表格交回本會總辦事處或轄下任何一個服務單位(親身或郵寄)

3. 以現金連同本表格親身交回本會總辦事處或轄下任何一個服務單位




家庭:$400 (2-4人)