Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Service Objectives

To provide professional counselling and comprehensive support services by social workers to persons with physical disabilities and carers of persons with physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities, aiming to meet service users’ needs and hence help going through stages of grief process, living with their disabilities, integrating them into the community and promoting their quality of life.

There are different projects which provide services for particular service targets. Please find the details in the website of Care for the Carers Project, Jockey Club “Stirke Back” Support Project for Stroke Survivors and Jockey Club Support Programme for Persons with Newly Acquired Disabilities.

Service Targets

  • Carers of family members with disabilities
  • Persons who are aged between 25-59 with newly acquired disabilities

Scope Of Services

  • Assessment by professional social worker
  • Individual / Family Counseling
  • Family Support Plans
  • Therapeutic Groups / Peer Support Groups
  • Education and Training Programs for Carers
  • Trainings for peer counselors & volunteer services
  • Family Cohesion Programs and Social Cohesion Programs
  • Referrals (Home Modification, Physiotherapy, Respite Care, Transportation)