Education and Training Services

Education and Training Services

Service Objectives

Through developing innovative educational and training activities, we promote PHAB concept to a wide range of service sectors to:

  • promote understanding of persons with disabilities in society;

  • educate the public the right attitude on PHAB integration;

  • encourage all citizens to participate in promoting PHAB integration.

Service Targets

  • Local schools
  • Higher education institutions
  • Professional bodies / organisations
  • Commercial organisations

Scope Of Services

PHAB Institute

Organising educational activities about PHAB integration for local schools and kindergartens;
Offering internship opportunities for students from higher education institutions;
Conducting researches and surveys to provoke the public awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities;
Consolidating and developing reference resources about PHAB integration;
Organising community programmes for professionals from different sectors to deepen their understanding of persons with disabilities;
Organising professional sharing forums / conferences to facilitate cross-sectors collaborations.

Barrier-free Access Experiential Learning Unit

Providing training workshops and consultation for commercial organisations to enhance their environment and services for persons with disabilities.