Employment Services

Employment Services


To promote social inclusion in employment, for differently-abled people, in the proccess of career counselling, vocational training, job matching and post placement service.

Service Targets

  • Persons with disabilities, aged 15 or above, are capable of self-care, and
  • Persons with disabilities are unable to adjust to the open job market in the absence of employment support
  • Young school leavers with and without disabilities, aged 15 to 24 with educational attainment at sub-degree level or below
  • Unemployed or with monthly earnings or working hours less than the prescribed level set by the SWD
  • Long-term Illness Unemployed
  • Single parents and child carers with their youngest child aged 12 to 14.

Scope Of Services

Supported Employment Training for Persons with Disabilities (SET)

Employment counseling and work skills training
Job Attachment
Job Trial
Post-placement Service

Employment Support Services (EmSS)

Vocational assessment
Vocational counseling
Pre-employment Training
job matching
employers and workplace support
Short term financial support service