Physiotherapy and Fitness Services

Physiotherapy and Fitness Services

Service Objectives

To provide various kinds of physiotherapy and fitness service for people with disabilities and their carers through diversified community support services in order to build up their community support network and to enhance their health, living standard and capabilities of independent living with the community.

Service Targets

  • Persons with disabilities or chronic illness
  • Carers
  • Others in need

Scope Of Services

Centre-Based and Outreach Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Training Services

  • To provide tailor-made centre-based or home-based therapy and training services by physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant, according to the needs of the service users and results of physiotherapy assessment.

Mobile Physiotherapy Services

Combining the merits of home-based physiotherapy services and services at clinics, PHAB Mobile Pain Centre outreaches to the community at various districts providing easy-access one-stop services, services include:

  • physiotherapy services
  • intervention programs combining pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments by registered general practitioners

Individual Fitness Training and Exercise Classes

  • To provide individual fitness training and various fitness exercise classes by fitness instructor to develop regular exercise habits.

Community Support, Health Education and Exercise Promotion

  • To provide health talks, workshops and small-group exercises to schools, groups and organizations for promoting healthy lifestyles and diseases prevention.