Services for Youth with Special Educational Needs

Services for Youth with Special Educational Needs

Service Objectives

To help youth with Special Education Needs (SEN) identify their career interests and capabilities, and provide an effective, holistic and sustainable career and life planning intervention;
To help youth with SEN make informed choices for their critical transitions from schools to workplaces;
To promote multiple pathways to develop the potential of youth with SEN, enhance their capabilities and confidence, and build up a positive attitude and values towards life and career;
To help youth with SEN and mental distress overcome crises, and re-establish their self-esteem, confidence and sense of competence;
To arouse parents’ and public’s concern on life planning and needs of youth with SEN.

Service Targets

  • School dropouts or early school leavers
  • Underemployed
  • School leavers with need of career and life planning
  • Unmotivated and at risk
  • Suffered from mental distress

Scope Of Services

  • Counselling and Coaching (Individual/Group)
  • Career and Life Planning (Group/Workshop)
  • Youth Development Group (Self-management/Mental Health/Emotional Support/Financial Management/ Interpersonal Relationship/ Healthy Life/ Interest Development)
  • Peer/ Coach Training
  • Prevocational Training and Job Skill Upgrading
  • Workplace Attachment/ Job Matching
  • Job-related Support (Job-search/ Employer Support)
  • Parents Support (education / emotional support)
  • Public Education (Public/Professional)
  • On-site School Support Services for
    Life-Career Plan