Sponsorship Fund

Sponsorship Fund

Sponsorship Fund


To assist Individuals with proven financial hardship in participating in activities which are conducted in Hong Kong, mainland China or overseas countries organized by the Association, or overseas trips / interflows / international conferences organized either by the Association/the HKCSS. Carers of the persons with disabilities with proven financial hardship in having short break and release from their caring burden. Non-profit-making organizations for/of the disabled with proven financial hardship in using the Jockey Club PHAB Camp.


Persons with disabilities; or able-bodied persons participating in joint activities with disabled counterparts; or carers of the disabled who are referred by Association’s staff to use day respite/temporary respite services; or registered non-profit-making organization for/of persons with disabilities in Hong Kong (More details in Guidelines and application form)

Deadline for Application

Individual applicants: Applications will be open all year round. Organization applicants: Applications will be invited in May and November.

Application Forms and Guidelines