Residential Services

Residential Services

Service Objectives

Our Residential Service upholds the service mode of “PHAB Family”, which allows its residents to integrate into the community and brings community living style to the hostel at the same time. Through various living skill training and with professional and appropriate support, we allow residents with different abilities to enjoy independent living on gradual basis.

Service Targets

  • Persons with Intellectual disabilities or physically disabilities
  • Age at 15 or above, capable of semi-independent living

Scope Of Services

1.Residential service

  • Daily living and domestic skill training
  • Individual or group counseling service
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Health Care supportive service
  • Volunteer service
  • Family work
  • Visiting Medical Practitioner Service for Residential Care Homes

Service Hours

  • 24-hour service is provided everyday.
  • Unity Place encourage family to arrange residents to go back for home stay during weekends and public holidays, in order to maintain connection and good relationships with their family members.

Fees and Charges

  • In accordance with the standard charges set by Social Welfare Department
  • Expense of room supplies
  • Needed personal items should be purchased by residents
  • Elective service :Physiotherapy service which is provided by Jockey Club PHAB Fitness Centre and charges are according to the Association’s standard charges


  • Applicants can contact the following parties for assistance in application,
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Medical Social Service
  • or Integrated Family Service Centers

The CRSRehab will make refer application to the Unity Place. After receiving the applications, the Hostel will arrange interview with the applicants and his family. Through interview and evaluation, Unity place will assess whether the applicants meet the criteria. Preliminary applicants must pass the medical examination to ensure that medically fit to stay in the dormitory, before they were scheduled to receive services.

Withdrawal of applications/Termination

  • If residents or their families wish to withdraw from the service, they can send the withdrawal application to the hostel manager at least one month before the withdrawal date.
  • If residents cannot adjust to hostel living or when their health condition deteriorates, their service may be terminated.
  • If residents cannot comply with the hostel regulations, their service may be terminated.
  • Our social workers would discuss with the residents and follow up his/her withdrawal application.
  • We would make referral to other suitable service(s) based on the needs of the service user.

2. Day Respite Service and Residential Respite Service


The service provides family members/carers of persons with disabilities a planned short break so that they may attend to their personal business such as undergoing a medical operation or taking a vacation tour. Its purpose is to make life less stressful and more stimulating for those involved in routine care for people with disabilities. The objective is to relieve stress on families with members with disabilities. Unity Place and Pleasure Place provide Residential Respite Service, and Unity Place provide Day Respite Service.

Residential Respite Service


  • The service period for each application should not be more than 14 days (subject to the vacancies available in individual service units). The service can be utilized repeatedly; the service units have the discretion to extend the service period under special circumstances.

Day Respite Care Service (only provide in Unity Place)


  • Service hours: 10:00am-6:00pm

Fees and Charges


  • In accordance with the standard charges set by Social Welfare Department
  • Charges on hourly rate (meals are not included)

Application Procedures


  • Application can be made by parents/carers themselves or via social workers of medical social services units, integrated family services centres, special schools or rehabilitation service units
  • Applicants should complete a Declaration Form on Health Conditions for Admission to Residential Respite Service.
    After receiving the application form, an intake meeting will be arranged.
  • Hostel may further request for medical examination if necessary.
  • Applicants may pre-arrange the respite service with the hostel after he/she has been assessed in the intake meeting and the medical examination shows that he/she has no infectious disease.。

Withdrawal of application/Termination


  • If residents or their families want to withdraw from the service, they can verbally inform the hostel.
  • If residents cannot adjust to hostel living or when their health condition deteriorates, their service may be terminated.

Visiting Hours

  • Every Monday to Friday 5:30pm to 9:00pm
  • Every Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays 10:00am to 9:00pm