Project Highlights

Project Highlights

Alongside the popularity of the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility”, many corporate and organizations are willing to invest more manpower and financial resources to welfare service. Some intend to expand their resources to support the sustainable and specific projects for the needy. Hong Kong PHAB Association has been collaborating with Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), International Groups, Professional Organizations and Government Department to implement sustainable and special projects to meet the service users’ expectations of different times. The projects aimed at developing the potential of people with disabilities, supporting the teenagers with special education needs (SEN), and facilitating employment for people with disabilities.

Happy Teens, Full of Fun

Happy Teens, Full of Fun

Sponsored Corporate:Blue Cross (Asia Pacific) Insurance Company Limited

Concept & Background

We firmly believe that every young person, regardless of ones with or without disabilities, is part of the future of our society. We all have the rights and needs to develop our physical, mental and social lives. It is important that youths with or without disabilities can develop good peer relationships so that they could do so in the adult world. Through this program, we hope to enhance the social skills of young people with disabilities, encouraging them to make new friends and establish relationships with peers and groups, and create a solid foundation for their maturity.


  • To provide platform for youths with and without disabilities to establish social networks and friendships. Through games and activities, interaction, understanding and acceptance were achieved and PHAB integration was promoted;
  • To provide opportunities for corporate volunteers to contribute to the community, practice PHAB Integration and promote volunteerism, so that a caring community could be bulit.

Service Targets

Youths with and without disabilities studying in secondary schools, corporate volunteers, members of the Association and the general public.