2021-2022 Annual Report

PHAB Discovery Challenge

Characters of "PHAB Everyday" formed a "PHAB Discovery Team", and started their journey of finding a legendary village "PHAB Village", which is believed to have precious treasure beneath it. However, they found out the treasure missing when they arrived the village. The Team decided to get over hills and rivers, to help the villagers to solve their difficulties... In order to promote the concept of“Barrier Free &...


  Ticket No. 1st Prize 07487 2nd Prize 13592 3rd Prize 02280 4th Prize 22212 5th Prize 00744 Consolation Prizes 1 box Pure Honey Honeycomb 01126 1 bottle Resveratrol Triplex Anti-Oxidation Formula 00947 1 bottle Moringa Oleifera Leaf 23891 Metropole Department Store $200 Cash Coupon (10 prizes) 08611 14890 01992 16060 21427 00433 05554 18986 15024 07688 PHAB Everyday Gift Bag (2 prizes) 10822 00686 Winners should register by calling 25514161...

PHAB Raffle Ticket 2022/23

Mission of HKPHAB: To promote the PHAB concept which is to enable persons with or without disabilities of all ages to participate in all kinds of social, recreational, developmental, educational, training, employment and community support service for better cooperation and integration in a barrier-free environment. Purpose: The fund raised will be used for supporting the services of the Association for persons with disabilities Selling Period:...

2021-2022 Annual Financial Report

Review Reports on Remuneration Packages for Staff in Top Three Tiers ( Part A )