Peng Chau Caring Shop, Mutual Help and Care for Elderly

Neighbourhood helping each other can better unleash the spirit of unity and harmony. Peng Chau Neighbourhood Elderly cum Children/Youth Centre, “Happy Ageing in Peng Chau” held the “Peng Chau Caring Shop” programme. By inviting Peng Chau shops to join “Peng Chau Caring Shop”, they take care of the elderly on the Island through various means. Since Peng Chau shop owners need to communicate with many...

Thanks to Valoot Technologies Ltd’s donation of wheelchairs for HKPHAB Wheelchair Loan Service

Lack of wheelchairs is one of the obstacles for people who are physically impaired, especially when they go out for medical consultations or social activities. Wheelchairs enable disabled members to do their errands and to enjoy outdoor activities of Hong Kong PHAB Association with better accessibility. PHAB Centres of Hong Kong PHAB Association provide Wheelchair Borrowing Service for persons with temporary mobility impairments or other...

PHAB Mobile Pain Centre Service Introduction (Video)

PHAB Mobile Pain Centre sponsored by Bank Of China(HK)

Launching innovative online service

Due to the COVID-19 situation, many social welfare organizations can only provide limited services. Facing such difficulties, Hong Kong PHAB Association tried to film different kinds of service-related videos and upload to online platforms in an attempt to provide services in a different, innovative mean. Hong Kong PHAB Association, PHAB Institute has opened a Youtube channel, sharing integrative information. Besides, the Jockey Club Shatin Integrated...

History of Hong Kong PHAB Association - 45 Years of Building on Inclusive Community