Service Highlights

Service Highlights

Family Hub Parents/Relatives Resource Centre

Service Highlights

Family activities in the festival

During the festivals, our center will organize different festival groups and programmes to let families feel the festive atmosphere. They also get to know each other through the games and build up their mutual support network.

Family handicraft activities

Our center will organize different handicraft activities every season, such as parent-child handmade soap, parent-child Pastel Nagomi Art, parent-child scented candles, parent-child bath bomb, etc., so that parent-child can cooperate with each other through activities, and parents can discover the strengths of their children in the activities and build a family culture of appreciation.

Children physical fitness training

In view of the physical conditions of children with special education needs, we always finds that they are weak in physical coordination skills, our center applied a funding from the Tai Po District Council to organize physical fitness training for children to improve concentration, physical coordination and other abilities.