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Eco Tour with Chevalier Cares Volunteer Team


Chevalier Group and Hong Kong PHAB Association organized an inclusive eco-tour on 7th October, 2021. Volunteers of Chevalier Group accompanied children with Special Educational Needs from Family Hub Parents/Relatives Resources Centre to Go Green Organic Farm in Yuen Long, enjoying the nature.

In the event, better communication and understanding between volunteers and the children were encouraged through feeding alpacas, baking and planting, showing a spirit of social integration of people with and without disabilities. Playing without parents for the first time, most of the younger PHAB members felt so excited. Thanks to the volunteers, not only the children can gain experience of learning to be independent, but parents can also gain a wonderful holiday which gave them a chance for resting.

Volunteers and children from Family Hub Parents/Relatives Resources Centre had a better understanding of each other.
Participants experienced feeding alpacas for their first time
Younger PHAB members were accompanied by volunteers during playing
Volunteers of Chevalier Group gave presents to PHAB members

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