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Territory-wide Flag Day of Hong Kong PHAB Association

Hong Kong PHAB Association will conduct a territory-wide Flag Day on 27th January 2024. The funds raised will be used to support daily operation and improvements in facilities and equipment of rehabilitation services and enhancing central administration support for the services of association.

Territory-wide Flag Day of Hong Kong PHAB Association

Date: 27th January, 2024

Time: 7:00am - 12:30pm

Location:Terriotory-wide of Hong Kong

Public Subscription Permit approved by Social Welfare Department: FD/T022/2023

Online Payment Method: Payme & FPS


FPS: (phone no. 6870 4540) or scan the following qr code by related bank fps apps

Public can support the assocaition not only by participating in the flag-selling fundraising event on January 27th, but also by making a donation and receiving a gold flag. From now until February 27th, for every donation of HK$100, one set of gold flags can be obtained. Please send the donation receipt and the flag donation form to our headquarter by mail (Address: Room 1402, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong) or email it to hq@hkphab.org.hk (please indicate "Gold Flag Donation" in the subject line). Click here to download the recognition flag form.

Based on the “PHAB Integration” concept, Hong Kong PHAB Association has been advocating the acceptance and understanding of the needs of persons with disabilities through the provision of different services so that persons with and without disabilities can participate in social, recreational, cultural, artistic, sports, personal development activities and employment in a barrier-free environment. Matching with the demographic, social and economic development of Hong Kong and taking the “PHAB Integration” as its core mission, the Association also extends its activities and services to a multi-faceted form of societal integration so as to contribute to the creation of a friendly community and harmonious society. In the past year, with the support from various donors and the government, PHAB had made significant achievements in different service areas, including district integrated service, elderly service, children and youth service, education and training, residential service, counselling service, employment service, camp service, physiotherapy and physical fitness service, etc.

For details of the Flag Day and arrangements of volunteers, please call 2551 4161 or email to hq@hkphab.org.hk for enquiries.