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Peng Chau Caring Shop, Mutual Help and Care for Elderly

Neighbourhood helping each other can better unleash the spirit of unity and harmony. Peng Chau Neighbourhood Elderly cum Children/Youth Centre, “Happy Ageing in Peng Chau” held the “Peng Chau Caring Shop” programme. By inviting Peng Chau shops to join “Peng Chau Caring Shop”, they take care of the elderly on the Island through various means. Since Peng Chau shop owners need to communicate with many elderlies, they have a well understanding of elderly needs. There was a time when an elderly forgot her way to home and walked into a small shop, the owner helped patiently and found her family members successfully. Another example is that when an owner knew that the lighting facilities in an elderly’s home were broken, He immediately contact the staff of Happy Ageing in Peng Chau. At last, the facilities were fixed by “Repair Café Hong Kong”, the member of Peng Chau Caring Alliance under the “Peng Chau Caring Shop” programme.

Peng Chau Shops are now invited to join and take care of the elderly through the following ways:

1.      Refer the elderly in need to “Happy Ageing in Peng Chau” programme

2.      Help to promote “Happy Ageing in Peng Chau” services

3.      Join the volunteer activities under this programme

4.      Donate resources for visiting and activities under this programme

If you are interested to join “Peng Chau Caring Shop” programme, please contact social worker Mr. Tam for more details.

Phone: 2983 2200           Whatsapp: 5644 4651

Email: happyageingpc@hkphab.org.hk

Facebook:坪洲樂齡薈 Happy Ageing in Peng Chau