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New milestone for PHAB’s services for persons with disabilities


i-Point District Support Centre (Southern) officially launched

Embarking on the 51st year of services, Hong Kong PHAB Association (the Association in short) has reached a significant milestone in its services with disabilities with the launch of the i-Point District Support Centre (Southern)(i-Point in short) at Lei Tung Shopping Centre at Ap Lei Chau. The Association expands and enhances its services to increase the number of beneficiaries in order to promote the concept of PHAB, creating a friendly community and enhancing the quality of living of those  in need.

One-stop and Southern District oriented services at i-Point

The Association gains the support of service users over the years because of its diverse and excellent services.  Uphold the spirit and faith of the Association, i-Point offers one-stop services oriented towards the Southern District, with 8 main services including center-based and home-based training, individual development activities, Day-time community support, support for caregivers, case management, professional support service, community connection and drop-in service. Persons with disabilities, caregivers and the public who are age 6 or above and live in the Southern district can apply for services at i-Point.

With a spacious environment, i-Point provides various activities and training in the multifunction activity rooms. The Occupation Therapy and Physiotherapy Room is the signature of i-Point. The room is equipped with fitness equipment, such as treadmill and balancing machine. Therapists provide suitable treatments to improve the health condition of service users while making good use of the professional equipment. Besides, center-based and home-based training is another focus item of i-Point. Through day-time training and individual training, the life-skills of persons with disabilities can be strengthened which can facilitate their integration into the community.  

Care the caregivers, relieve stress for them

In addition to supporting the families and caregivers of persons with disabilities, i-Point aims to relieve the stress and workload of caregivers. Family tragedies have increased in recent years due to the overwhelming stress of caregivers. According to the "Special Topics Report No. 63" which is released by The Census and Statistics Department, over 79 thousands of caregivers of persons with disabilities feel stressed mentally, which is about 52.4%. Aging population also caused the problem of elderly people taking care of adults with disabilities, or disabilities taking care of disabilities. The Association concerns about the caregivers’ issue, the services of the Association’s Family Hub Parents/Relatives Resource Centre in Tai Po and Care for the Carers are provided to relieve stress of caregivers. To extend the service for caregivers, i-Point officially commences operations to support families in Southern District. Providing various services, such as parenting activities, talks and care services which aim at soothing caregivers’ stress and workload as well as strengthening their network. This is also a new milestone of the Association’s services toward caregivers. 

Spreading friendly and inclusive faith in Southern District at i-Point

i-Point, as one of the main service points of the Association in Southern District, upholds the spirit of PHAB and the mission of promoting inclusive and friendly community. Educating the community about an inclusive society with a barrier-free environment is a way to let the concept of PHAB into everyone’s daily life.

i-Point District Support Centre (Southern) launch at Lei Tung Shopping Centre at Ap Lei Chau.
Occupation Therapists provide suitable treatments to improve the health condition of service users
i-Point District Support Centre (Southern)

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