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"Story C" Art Exhibition by Carers @AIRSIDE

People often have various expectations of caregivers who bear the responsibility of caring for others. Besides the daily tasks, caregivers carry many unspoken matters. Among them, there are moments of joy and sorrow, of hardships and rewards, of things they want to forget and those they will remember for a lifetime. A group of caregivers, using art as a medium, tells their stories through simple and direct expressions. They gather these fragments of emotions and experiences in "Story C." Through the creative process, they heal their souls and express their hearts through their artworks.

Hong Kong PHAB Association will host the "Story C" Art Exhibition on March 16th and 17th at Kai Tak AIRSIDE. This exhibition provides caregivers with a platform to express their stories and emotions during their caregiving journeys through art, raising awareness of their mental well-being among the community. The exhibition showcases over 30 artworks, including harmonious pastels, paintings, handicrafts, and sculptures, incorporating interactive and sensory elements. Mental health ambassadors and volunteer guides will share the stories behind the artworks with visitors. The exhibition is divided into five themed zones, inviting visitors to explore through their senses, including sound, imagery, paintings, scents, and objects, gradually immersing themselves in the world of caregiving in "Story C." Admission is free, and the public is warmly welcomed to participate.

"Story C" Art Exhibition by Carers

Date: 16-17 March, 2024 (Sat to Sun)

Time: 11:00am to 8:00pm

Venue: Shop B1-112, AIRSIDE, 2 Concorde Road, Kai Tak

For enquiries, please contact corporate communication & development section(ccd@hkphab.org.hk/2551 4193).